The Softwired Contactor (SWC) System is a pre assembled, factory-tested relay panel which can cut design, fabrication and installation time in half compared with do-it-yourself lighting contractor panels. Softwiring allows intelligence to be added to a panel or small network of panels, and is focused on grouping of relays for control by a building automation system. Each SWC panel includes “channels”, which may be softwired to any group of relays in the panel, allowing switches and/or inputs from automation systems to control the group.  SWC is available in multiple sizes: 12-relay with 4 channels (softwired groups); 24-relay with 8 channels; and 36- or 48- relay with 16 channels. CLICK FOR SOFTWIRED DETAILS


G.E.’s Remote Control system consists of modular components which the user configures to his application’s needs.  The basic low-voltage wiring allows flexible switching of any lighting load, grouping of lighting circuits for common control, and pilot light status feedback, providing a strong foundation for automation.

The new Smart Sweeper takes this simple automation to a new level. The time clock determines “normal occupancy”.  Five minutes before end of day, the Sweeper blinks the lights to warn occupants staying late.  Any override can be timed out with another blink warn at the end of the time delay period.