True LonMarks Open Architecture for Seamless BAS Integration.

A “total systems approach” to building automation requires the coordination of several different systems (lighting, HVAC, security, etc.) in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  LonWorks enabled products like ProSys LM reduce the installation, operation and expansion costs of the building automation system, and they free the building automation system, and they free the specifier to choose the “best-of-breed” vendor for each subsystem. CLICK FOR LONMARK DETAILS


G.E. Learn panel system is simple, yet loaded with functionality.  This is the next step in added intelligence to the TLC family of products.  Panels can be networked together, offering greater control and manageability. Lighting circuits can be Softwired together in a panel and across the network.  The Level 2 system has the ability to add a system clock, which can control functional groups and provide different lighting control scenarios.  Additionally, telephone override can be added, to provide desktop control to local groups. CLICK FOR RCLOCK DETAILS