GENESIS LIGHTING CONTROL LTD. delivers best practice solutions for virtually all lighting control requirements.  What ever it may be that you need including:

  • Programming or service work
  • To upgrade a BCON, ECON or SRC system
  • Software or firmware upgrades
  • Service & Maintenance contracts or extended warranty program
  • Training on your current lighting control system
  • To learn more about the features, functions & benefits of your current Lighting Control System
  • Graphic screens modified, updated or add-on
  • Replacement parts for any G.E. Lighting Control System
  • Energy audit for an existing lighting system
  • Upgrade or Retrofit current lighting control system
  • Dimming control modules work on 0-10V dimmable ballasts
  • Lonworks, Echelon and Bacnet compatable devices available

Selecting the right lighting control system depends on your specific application.  GENESIS LIGHTING CONTROL LTD. will help you in deciding what is best for your company.  Key factors that will generally influence lighting control strategies and the level of automation required are:

  • Building size, operating schedules and floor plans
  • Building code requirements for lighting automation
  • Degree of occupant interaction with lighting
  • BAS and other building systems

This graph describes common applications with GENESIS LIGHTING CONTROL LTD. solutions. You may find this helpful in determining the system that is most appropriate for your application.