The Softwired Contactor (SWC) System is a pre assembled, factory-tested relay panel which can cut design, fabrication and installation time in half compared with do-it-yourself lighting contractor panels. Softwiring allows intelligence to be added to a panel or small network of panels, and is focused on grouping of relays for control by a building automation system. Each SWC panel includes channels, which may be softwired to any group of relays in the panel, allowing switches and/or inputs from automation systems to control the group.  SWC is available in multiple sizes: 12-relay with 4 channels (softwired groups); 24-relay with 8 channels; and 36- or 48- relay with 16 channels.


  • Softwiring eliminates the need for separate Master Sequencers and hardwiring of relays to form relay groups.  Allows relay groupings to be changed at the touch of a button to accommodate changes in building lighting layout.
  • Overlapping groups increase design flexibility.  Allows master control of several relay groups and provides a means of separately controlling individual zones (poles).
  • Universal inputs. Each channel accepts either maintained or momentary, 2- or 3- wire inputs to simplify integration of both manual and automation system inputs.
  • Isolated group pilot. Isolated pilot contacts for each channel provide status feedback to the automation system, confirming that an automation command has been properly executed or that there has been a manual override.
  • Simple group control. The pre-assembled panel takes much of the time and effort out of design, installation and maintenance.