Programmable Networked Systems combine the power of the PC with distributed intelligence in each panel to provide maximum energy savings and occupant satisfaction. If the facility is already using a building automation system, a programmable system is the obvious choice.  When there are more than 4 or 5 lighting panels in the building, this system becomes the easiest system to document, program and operate, even for an operator with minimal PC skills.  Windows based LIGHTX control software incorporates the latest features in OPC software development for maximum flexibility and integration with other building automation systems.  Optional software modules include energy usage analysis and graphics, giving the operator powerful tools for managing the facility.




  • Distributed panel intelligence. Each panel operates independently, so the system continues to operate even in the event of isolated failures.
  • Remote/local PC programming. Programming may be done at a central PC, a portable PC connected to a local panel or remotely via modem, Intranet or Internet ethernet connection for maximum flexibility.
  • Expert lighting control scenarios. Complete suite of occupant-sensitive, energy saving scenarios, including smart time delay overrides via phone or switch, blink warning, cleaning/janitor function, daylight shed and common area control.
  • Multiple options for integration. Choose from a number of options to customize the system, including: simple dry contact closure, RS-232 port with G.E. protocol, plug-in cards from selected BAS vendors and complete front-end integration using our advanced object-oriented component software.  Additional integration capabilities include Internet, Intranet connections and control.



  • Object-oriented component software. Windows front-end software crafted with the latest industry-standard features – LIGHTX components, COM/DCOM, OPC, Windows 2000, XP or NT – for maximum integration possibilities. LIGHTXG Graphic software includes graphics editor for quick owner creation of graphical interface.
  • Management reports. Trend software provides a powerful tool for facility management, with exception reporting, activity logging and power consumption estimates.
  • Real time graphics. Windows-based colour graphics and optional animation allow operators or guards to easily monitor and control lighting with actual floor plan layouts. LIGHTXG Graphic software includes graphics editor for quick owner creation of graphical interface